Who Stole the Ice Cream?

As Mrs. Sandborn walked into her classroom that weary Wednesday morning she remembered right away to check the freezer, to make sure the ice-cream she put in there last night was not gone but, it was. All of it the whole entire tub!

“Where could it have gone?” She asked herself out loud.

“The aid Mrs. Smith questioned, “Where could what have gone.

“The ice-cream for the kids’ party it’s gone, I put it in the freezer last night and it isn’t there!” replied Mrs. Sandborn.

“Oh no,” said Mrs. Smith, “I will go look for it!”


So Mrs. Smith looked for clues. She found that there had been flour on floor from craft the Tuesday and there was a small number in it that had a circle around it. It must be from a shoe thought Mrs. Smith. As she went on looking for more clues to solve this mystery she wrote them down in her detective notebook.


The next big clue she found was a trail of what seemed to be ice cream from the cubby closet to the hallway. When she slammed the door open and glared around the room there was a perfect trail right to Jack’s cubby! When she looked inside his cubby she found a pair of shoes that were size twelve, which was the number left in the flour from a shoe print. All clues were pointing toward this suspect! So Mrs. Smith went to interrogate him.


“What were you doing last night after school?” questioned Mrs. Smith.

“I went to Jared’s house to play video games,” replied Jack.

“Do you have proof?” asked Mrs. Smith in a very deep voice.

“Yes, just ask Jared if I was at his house,” muttered Jack sacredly.

“I might just do that,” Mrs. Smith said so loudly she was practically screaming!


After asking Jared a thousand questions she had to rule her key suspect out because he had an alibi. Mrs. Smith wasn’t getting any further along in her case so she decided to call the principal. When she finished telling him about everything that had happened you could hear in his voice that he was trying to hide something. He just said he was busy and he couldn’t help her for a while, so she went on trying to solve the problem on her own.


Later in the day Jack went up to Mrs. Smith and said, “I think I know who stole the ice cream!”

“How would you know who stole the ice cream if you were playing video games at Jared’s last night?” asked Mrs. Smith curiously.

“Because when I went into Mr. Williams office I saw a bowl that looked like there had been ice cream in it,” replied Jack excitedly.

“Prove it to me,” said Mrs. Smith.

“Ok I will,” Jack squealed. “Come with me!


So they went into the office and walked down the narrow path to the private offices. When they reached Mr. William’s office Jack knocked and screamed, “It’s Jack!” and raced in after getting approval from Mr. Williams. When Mrs. Smith walked slowly behind Jack you could see the fear in Mr. Williams’s eyes.


What are you doing in here,” Mr. Williams asked Mrs. Smith while scrambling to try to hind his ice cream bowl.

“It was you all along how could you do such a thing?” screamed Mrs. Smith. “That was for the kids’ ice cream party!”

“I’m sorry I just over heard Mrs. Sandborn talking about it in the teacher’s lounge and it sounded so good!” said Mr. Williams in terror.

“You better be because now you have to buy even more for the class!” scolded Mrs. Smith!

“I will, I will even buy them pizza too!

So the next day Mrs. Williams brought in pizza and ice cream so the kids had an amazing day!

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